Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun ways to decorate for an Awesome Sports Nursery

My favorite way to decorate is with sports stuff. Not just ANY sports stuff, but REAL stuff. I don't like that store bought stuff that looks like kids stuff! ha

Personally, I wanted to decorate my child's room in a way that they could grow with it. They don't care what it looks like as a baby, so i figured why not go with decorations for an older child to save myself some time and money.

Go to Goodwills and purchase used Football Helmets, Bats, footballs, baseballs, and Batting Helmets, Jersey's and anything else that you see that you like! You can sit out a basket full of old baseballs, frame newspaper clippings of your favorite sports articles, put a team jersey in a shadow box on the wall. (josh got lucky because he has his college and high school football jersey's)

Anything that you find from Goodwill: clean, re-paint if needed, Refinish and display it!

Also, instead of purchasing a chest of drawers, see if there is an old locker sitting around at the school. You would be suprised to know that lots of trashed lockers are waiting to be claimed!

Make shelves in your new locker and use it as a chest of drawers, or a place to put blankets, diapers, wipes, ect.

Do you have your husband's letter jacket in the attic? Pull it out and hang it on the closet door!

I also have a great instruction manual on how to make your own wooden locker, if that is more your style!

I found 2 vintage wall borders for my boys rooms and then i painted their walls and glazed each of them. Both rooms are very football vintage, but they are both very different!

I created a scoreboard out of corkboard to hang on the wall. I crackle painted the frame and then painted the corkboard black, measured off the lines and stenciled the letters!
(I would be happy to email a picture of this to you. I don't want to post it on this site as it has personal information on it)

I have several websites on the right that I love to use for either decorating or buying stuff on!

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