Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to have a CHEAP Birthday party!

You can have a GREAT Birthday party that will cost you next to nothing when you use your own resources!

Last March, Jace wanted to have a Football Birthday Party. I am much better at themed parties than anything else, so when he said Football, I jumped on that!!

Josh opened up the JV football field and we had a real live birthday party on the field. We made our own hotdogs and wrapped them in foil and served them from the concession stand.
Then we got the tackling dummies, footballs, field markers and a few other things out and Josh had the kids do running drills and then the kids ran up and down the field and just had a blast.
I bought white Tshirts and painted each child their own jersey. The party favors were pretty simple. I had made football banners with Happy Birthday Jace, and I even made a run through sign for the kids to run through- which they thought was pretty cool!
I didn't need to do much decorating, so that saved quite a bit of money!
When it came time for the cake, we sang Happy Birthday and ate the cake on the picnic tables in front of the concession stand!

You can do the same kind of party on your basketball court, baseball field, track, whatever you choose and the best part is that you don't have to pay a fee to reserve it!

This past month, my 4 year old wanted a Basketball Party at a basketball game. So we teamed up with our Head Basketball Coach and we threw together a little birthday party during the game. At halftime, the kids went and played on the court and then we headed into the study hall to open presents and eat cake. After that we headed back into the gym and the Girls and Boys Basketball team signed a ball for him.

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